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The incredible beauty of nature never ceases to inspire me, reflecting as it does, the many aspects of divinity, and fills me with calm, serenity and wholeness. It is this essence of spirituality I strive to express through my work. Wonderous awe fills me as a work of art takes form from formlessness. The clay itself informs my process, whispering to my hands which way to move next. When I work with clay, I am in total harmony with the 5 elements. ‘Earth’ is mixed with ‘Water’, ‘Space’ is filled with form, ‘Air’ dries it, and ‘Fire’ completely transforms my offering into a gift, leaving me humbled. To me, creating is like meditation, therapeutic and gives me immense joy. I thank God for this passion. 

I used to paint since childhood. My father, Shri Badrivishal Pitti, was an art collector, so I grew up with all forms of art around me. Mr. MF Husain was a frequent visitor. Watching him paint left a deep impression on me and was a great learning experience. I joined Triveni Kala Sangam in 1983, where they had briefly opened a ceramic department. “I had touched clay and it was I who was moulded”. I have been trained under Mr Mansimran Singh of Delhi Blue Pottery. I work with a variety of clays and experiment extensively with glazes, techniques, forms and firings. All my works are hand built and thus unique. 

Usha Garodia

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